About IManage

The International Study Association SINCE 2013

About US

Since 2013

IManage is the first International Study Association of Saxion.

IManage is the first official international study association of Saxion within the IBS academy since 2013.

IBS is one of the thirteen academies of Saxion and distinguishes itself by being an international academy. Saxion has over 20.000 students and is located in three cities: Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede. IBS has around 1.200 students and consists of the following studies:

International Business (Since 2018)
International Business & Languages
International Business & Management Studies

What We Do

As IManage we represent the interests of the students and teachers at the Academy of International Business Studies and create an entertaining and educational environment. We want to connect you with teachers and other students and make your studies more interesting and fun


The international Business School inside Saxion is a well known location for students from different countries. As IManage we create a strong bounding and set up  an international network


To give the students a great view about their future work fields we create various activities. For example: Company visits, Guest lectures and Study trips to different countries and cities all over the world


Besides all the professional parts of a study, students need entertainment as well. To boost your student life even more IManage provides different activities. For example: Theme parties and leisure activities

Do you also want to say: “IMFamily” ?

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Head Office

Academy IBS H1.06
M.H. Tromplaan 28
7513 AB Enschede


Academy IBS B3.05
Handelskade 75
7417 DH Deventer