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The 6th board of IManage
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Fleur Bloemendaal

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Thom Zeilstra

Hello, my name is Thom. I am 21 years old and have been fulfulling the role of secretary since January 2017. Personality-wise, I am very open-minded and flexible, and I love to communicate with people!
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Robin van Harselaar

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Joel Baumer

Hello! My name is Joel Bäumer. I am a 19 years old, second year student of IBMS. Since July 2016 I am the Internal Administrator of IManage. I have a really open-minded personality and love to communicate with other people.
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Emre Yasin Tamer

Hello, My name is Emre. I am 23 years old and since July 2016 I am fulfilling the function: External affairs officer. I am a person who likes to communicate, to be creative and who is result-orientated.
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Carmen Ikink

Internal Deventer

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